I really can’t stress this enough. I love to try new things and I think it adds a load of value to myself as a person, as well as a potential employee or contractor. All experience is experience.

Twitch Streaming

scootR (formerly scootrFM) 2018 – 2020

Initially started as a way to explore some new streaming technology and to share video games with my distant friends, I grew to adore playing video games on Twitch. My interests turned to Football Manager and with it, I found a great community of players from across the world. It meant a lot to chat with familiar faces and talk about our favourite game stories.

  • Software knowledge: OBS, Discord, StreamLabs, StreamElements & others.
  • Responsibilities: Audio/Video producer & host. Social media management.

You can occasionally find me streaming video games (primarily Football Manager) and hosting community events such as the FMPlayoffs & charity streams.


Scoot Talks Sports 2021 – 2022

A fresh take on a sports talk show, a dream I always wanted to chase. Formerly recorded live on Twitch Sports (almost) every Friday at 12 pm CST (6 pm UK) and released as a podcast a short time later. From interviews to round table discussions, listen to engaging guests from all over the world and here in Canada discuss the latest sports stories and investigate their love of sport.

  • Responsibilities: Producer, host & founder

Recording sessions are available on demand. Show edited for the podcast, deployed via Anchor.

High Level Wizards 2015 – 2016

  • A roundtable podcast I hosted along with a few friends in Winnipeg where we covered upcoming game titles, movie releases and anything else in our realm of interest.
    • Responsibilities: Coordination/planning of episodes, deployment of episodes via LibSyn and social media content on several platforms.
  • No longer available online.

Community Management

Guildmaster – World of Warcraft 2003 – 2014

While a video game, a lot of coordination and communication is required to lead a high-level guild. Organizing up to 40 players at once through voice chat, as well as coordinating and planning events for the guild to ensure the players stay happy and competitive.

In retrospect, there was also a lot of conflict management and change management involved as roles within the community changed, groups were merged and team leaders were identified.

Co-Founder – Effuse.Org 2002 – 2004

Envisioned as a new home for graphic designers, flash developers and other emerging web technologists to share projects, challenge each other in monthly events and help review/QA project work.

With the release of Web Standards, the focus turned to sharing and encouraging other web developers to ditch aged and inaccessible technology and move towards accessibility. Founded with Ian Main.

  • This site is no longer online.


Author – (paused)

A new home is being developed for my creative writing around the video game Football Manager, which will have blogs, resources and any other things I want to write about.

Founder & Contributor – All For The Club 2020 – 2021

I think there is nothing better than sharing your experience in Football Manager and I’ve become passionate about trying out new ideas or exploring the history of the sport as I play the game. All For The Club (AFTC) was founded as a new collaborative space for like-minded Football Manager creators who wish to write about their saves.

  • The site was retired in late 2022.